Counsel​ling and Coaching​

You must do it by yourself, but you cannot do it alone.

Zen proverb


I imagine you're here because you're looking for support. Or maybe you're exploring and curious to find out more. 

Why seek help?  I believe we all have the inner knowledge we need to fulfil our unique potential, just as the acorn knows all by itself how to become an oak tree. But right from the start, life can throw up challenges and crises that can get in the way.  We may feel confused, despondent or stuck. 

Whether it’s counselling or coaching, my aim is to help you re-discover your own wisdom and confidence.

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Psychotherapeutic counselling offers a confidential and safe space to explore the things that matter to you and to help you live your life the way you would like

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Coaching can help you work towards  goals or resolve specific issues, whether career-related or personal. I work with individuals, teams and organisations.

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